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Bolliger, Your Local and International Movers In London and the UK

Although Bolliger has its roots in international moving, we are ready and eager to serve you or your business for removals within the UK with just as much experience and  dedication to quality. We could not be an international removals company in London without knowing the ins and outs of greater London, our local area and indeed the UK as a whole. From Richmond to Westminster, or from West London to Northern Ireland, we bring over 100 years of moving experience to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

National removals (also known as domestic removals) breakdown into two major categories: blanket wrap and full export pack, both of these are packing methods. The former packing method is best suited for short local moves within the same city – Richmond to Westminster for example, or Fulham to South Kensington – it allows for a speedy preparation and thus all the focus is put on executing the transport efficiently and quickly. Naturally all items are adequately protected with clean packing materials in such a manner that ensure no damages.

While the latter – full export pack – is best suited for longer haul transport between cities or over the sea to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Full export pack means that all your goods are going  to be packed as they were to be loaded onto a container or onto an airplane for intercontinental transport. It does not get any better than full export pack. It may be a little more expensive than blanket wrap, but for longer transports it’s what is necessary to bring peace of mind.

For both of methods above, you will have a dedicated person in the office following every detail of your removal. Not only will the packers be hard at work, but you will have a supervisor overseeing every step, making sure everything goes as per plan. Remember, 95% of every move is organisation only 5% is sweat. We’re great at both.

The first step is to effect a survey, so that we may quantify the size of your removal. Surveys can be done either on the phone, or via a specially made excel spreadsheet that you can complete at your leisure, or we can send someone out to view your domicile. Whatever is convenient for you. You may be curious to meet us, we are definitely delighted to meet you.


All quality international movers have a warehouse locally to the area they focus on. Our storage facility in London is complete of full fire and theft security and is manned all week. If you are not settling immediately into your new home or office, or if some of your items need to be stored elsewhere, we offer short-term and long-term storage solutions within a secure facility. We can move your items to and from storage whenever you need.

Call us today for a FREE quote on 0203 384 0916 or we can call you back

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If we can assist, please call us today on 0203 384 0916