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Whether you are in need of short-term storage while in transit to your permanent destination or a long-term storage solution, we have over 15,000 square metres of modern warehouse space to accommodate you.

We can safely and securely store anything from furnishings and equipment to important documents to fine art. To ensure the proper care of your valuable items, we have a variety of storage options, including metal containers, crates, or on pallets stored on cross-supported shelving.

Thanks to a detailed inventory compiled at the moment of packing, goods can be sorted and delivered in partial shipments. No matter how long the storage period may be, your goods will be reconsigned to you in the same condition in which they were picked up.

Worry-free Storage

All of our warehouses are guarded, provided with alarms linked to law enforcement officials,
state of the art smoke detectors, and monitors to control temperature and humidity.
In addition, warehouses are covered by insurance that can be extended and
integrated into your own “All Risks” policy or a specific storage risk policy.

Environmental care

Bolliger guarantees the utmost attention to the environmental impact of our warehouses: electric means for the movement of goods inside the warehouses, and the energy savings which come from the thermal materials used for the warehouses’ construction.

Our warehouse services:

Storage of goods in containers from 20 feet

  • Storage of goods in warehouse crates
  • Safeguarding of documents on pallets stored on cross-supported shelving
  • Archiving of documents on visible and easily accessible shelving
  • Sorting and selection
  • Withdrawal and partial consignment

As with all of our moving services, Bolliger takes every measure to ensure that storing your items with us is safe, secure and worry-free.

Call us today for a FREE quote on 0203 384 0916 or we can call you back

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If we can assist, please call us today on 0203 384 0916