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Sole Use Container Shipping

The most cost effective method for international moves involving the transport of all of your belongings is full container shipping.

Bolliger specializing in sole-use container shipping for the overseas delivery of household goods, furniture, personal items, business equipment and motor vehicles. With full container shipping, the service is direct and you can expect shorter transit times that with shared-load shipping.

Steel shipping containers are available in 20’, 40’, 40’HC (high capacity) and 45’HC. Our shipping experts will help you select the appropriate size for your move to ensure the most cost effective solution.

Properly packed items and furniture can be loaded directly at your residence (provided there is sufficient access) sealed, then transported to the port for shipment. Bolliger handles all arrangements from packing to unpacking, including Customs clearance and delivery to your new address, where the container is unsealed, checked for inventory and unloaded on-site.

If your destination prohibits direct delivery of the container to your address due to quarantine formalities, Bolliger will arrange for unloading at our warehouse.
After passing the formalities, your items will be delivered to your new location.

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If we can assist, please call us today on 0203 384 0916