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Getting Ready For Summer


Here we go. Easter always (generally) symbolises the beginning of the high season in the mobility and removals industry.

Not everyone thinks about it, but one half of a removals firm’s work takes place during the 3 summer months (mid June to mid September). And the other half is spread over 9 months.

This is for a very simple reason: No parent wants to interrupt their child’s school year mid-way to effect a removal or undergo a relocation, especially internationally. So our industry goes frantic.

Which means that all moving companies are overstaffed in winter and understaffed in summer. Otherwise you would be over-dimensioned and un-competitive.

It’s a tough seasonality to have to live with, since most people around you are taking it easy while your office work is at it’s highest intensity. And Easter is when the referee blows the whistle to indicate the start of the season.
It’s my favorite time of year.


Bolliger has a long-standing reputation for the safe handling and delivery of our client’s valuable items. However, our many years of experience has taught us that unexpected accidents can happen. Upon request, we offer full insurance cover for the transport of your items.


Moving to an entirely different continent takes planning and coordination. Fortunately, at Bolliger, that is our specialty. Whether you are moving for new opportunities in life and work, or heading for retirement, a smooth transition is our top priority. Our skilled personnel and full range of services are at your disposal.


Whether you are in need of short-term storage while in transit to your permanent destination or a long-term storage solution, we have over 15,000 square metres of modern warehouse space to accommodate you. We can safely and securely store anything from furnishings and equipment to important documents to fine art.


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