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Careful What You Ship

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Transferees cannot send food to Dubai. It is a simple as that. Unfortunately we had a client whom (in lieu how busy he is, which is understandable) must have missed this particular note on the guide we sent for his shipment to Dubai.
Obviously the packers aim to please, nor are they privy to all the customs regulations in the world, so thinking that the client had obtained special permission: We packed some cereal.

Of course though, we go through our shipments with a fine tooth comb and so once we spotted this we arranged fit the warehouse staff to remove these items. The client just wants us to dispose of the cereal boxes (otherwise we would have re-delivered to an address of his choosing).
So all in all our clients are always safe from these small oversights. But please be careful kind readers….

Always scan through the customs guides your mover provides. You never know what interesting nuggets of info you may come across.


Bolliger has a long-standing reputation for the safe handling and delivery of our client’s valuable items. However, our many years of experience has taught us that unexpected accidents can happen. Upon request, we offer full insurance cover for the transport of your items.


Moving to an entirely different continent takes planning and coordination. Fortunately, at Bolliger, that is our specialty. Whether you are moving for new opportunities in life and work, or heading for retirement, a smooth transition is our top priority. Our skilled personnel and full range of services are at your disposal.


Whether you are in need of short-term storage while in transit to your permanent destination or a long-term storage solution, we have over 15,000 square metres of modern warehouse space to accommodate you. We can safely and securely store anything from furnishings and equipment to important documents to fine art.


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